Hiring a Freelancer

Maybe you've been working on a collection of stories and you aren't sure what the next step is. Or maybe your company has a deadline for a report. Perhaps your book needs to be thoroughly proofread, or you want to begin working on a book idea. 

Whatever your project needs, I am here to support you. 


(1) Connecting

First, let's schedule a call to chat about your project so I can get a sense of what you're looking for (ex: What is the project? What's your budget? What is your deadline?) and so you can ask me questions to determine if my skills and expertise will be a good fit.

(2) Quoting

Then, you'll send me a sample of your work and I'll spend one hour working with it. From this, I will calculate a general estimate of the price and time of the project. I will send you a quote, and you can read my feedback and decide whether you would like to hire my services. (Process varies by project)

(3) Hiring

If you read my feedback and would like to hire me, I will draft a letter specifying the terms of my work for us both to sign (either electronically or in person).


For pricing information, please contact me so I can learn more about your project (including budget, deadline, and service needed).


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